Flower Names in Urdu

Urdu, with its poetic charm and eloquence, is deeply intertwined with nature, celebrating the beauty of the natural world through its rich vocabulary. In this article, we will embark on a journey to explore the delightful world of flowers and unveil their names in Urdu. From the fragrant jasmine to the vibrant sunflower, Urdu flower names reflect the diverse and colorful tapestry of nature.

In Urdu poetry, flowers are often depicted as symbols of beauty, love, and emotions. Poets use floral imagery to evoke feelings of romance, nostalgia, and longing, adding a touch of elegance and grace to their verses.

Flowers names in Urdu and English

NO.English NamesUrdu Names
1Daffodilنرگس آبی
5Primroseبسنتی گلاب
6Sweet violetبنفشہ
7Saffronزعفرا ن
8Daisyگل بہار
9Lady of the Nightرات کی رانی
13Sunflowerسورج مکھی
14Dandelionگل قاصدی
15Lilacگل یاس
16Bluebellجنگلی سنبل
17Tulipگل لالہ
18Golden Champaسنہری چمپا
20Arabian Jasmineعرب چنبیلی
21Blue Water Lilyنیل کمل
22China Roseچینی گلاب
24Cobra Saffronحننل
25Oleanderکنیر گل
26Periwinkleرتن جوت
27Cockscombگل کلغی
28Calendulaگیندا پھول
30Buttercupsگل اشرفی

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Flowers hold a special place in Urdu culture, symbolizing beauty, love, and emotions. The variety and significance of flowers in Urdu language and literature reflect the deep connection between nature and human emotions. By appreciating the beauty of flowers and exploring the rich world of Urdu literature that celebrates them, we can immerse ourselves in the poetic charm and elegance that flowers bring to our lives.

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