Flower names in Telugu and English

Flowers hold a special place in cultures worldwide, symbolizing beauty, love, and purity. In Telugu-speaking regions, flowers are not just admired for their aesthetic appeal but also play significant roles in festivals, rituals, and daily life. Understanding the names of flowers in Telugu not only enriches our vocabulary but also deepens our connection to the rich cultural heritage of the region. This article aims to explore the common, exotic, medicinal, and edible flowers along with their Telugu names.

Common Flowers in Telugu

NoFlowers with ImageFlower names in EnglishFlower names in Telugu
1. Arabian Jasmineఅరేబియా జాస్మిన్
2.African Marigoldఆఫ్రికన్ మారిగోల్డ్
3. Blue water lilyబ్లూ వాటర్ లిల్లీ
5.Crape Jasmineక్రేప్ జాస్మిన్
6. Daisyడైసీ
8. Golden Champaగోల్డెన్ షాంపై
10.Indian tulipభారతీయ తులిప్
11. Lotusలోటస్
12.Marigoldబంతి పువ్వు
13.Night flowering Jasmineరాత్రి పుష్పించే మల్లె
15. Peacock Flowerనెమలి పువ్వు
17.Water lilyకలువ
18. Winter Jasmineశీతాకాలపు మల్లె
19. Crape Myrtleక్రేప్ మిర్టిల్
22. Crossandraక్రోసెంద్ర
23. White orchidవైట్ ఆర్చిడ్
24. Night-flowering Jasmineరాత్రి పుష్పించే మల్లె

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With this list, you can now identify some of the beautiful flowers around you in Telugu. Remember, flowers hold a special place in Telugu culture, used in decorations, festivals, and everyday life. So, the next time you see a blooming flower, take a moment to appreciate its beauty and learn its Telugu name!

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